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Interior Designer Eilyn Cueto has an eye for style

November 24, 2018
Eilyn Cueto

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, but education abroad where she gained her insightful passion for design, interior designer Eilyn Cueto is back in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area to share her styling secrets as a principal with Sire Design. With approximately a decade of experience working in the field, including with big clients such as celebrities and sportsmen and within their million-dollar properties, Cueto has developed a keen eye designs that range from classic to trendy. Her background exists in architecture and an inherent love for design, allowing Cueto to create places -- residential and commercial -- that reflect her client’s desires alongside her organic and effective brand.

Eilyn Cueto has designed penthouses, custom homes, shops, hotels and more, and there is no end in sight that she cannot conquer when it comes to a well-styled interior design space.